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Mother’s Day. It’s a time full of joy, sunshine and flowers, right? Of course, that’s what we’re sold by the gift industry. But what if for you, Mother’s day is a time of sadness? Perhaps the Mother-Child relationship has been strained, lost or broken. This can be a tough time of year indeed. I’m here to lovingly help you rearrange your thinking and find alternatives for Mother’s Day that nurture your soul. It is my hope that we can ease the sadness, if not bring back the joy.

Did You Know?Society has built a solid celebration culture around Mother’s day. Gift spending in 2016 for this day alone reached a staggering $21Bn+ dollars* and it’s easy to see why.

A Deeper Look…

In order to initiate the transformation process for this day, we first have to look back at the REAL meaning of Mother’s Day.

A quick search on Wikipedia reveals clearly that Mother’s Day is not just for mothers in a family setting, but for the role of mothers in society.



And so what, you say?  Well, take a look at the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of Mothering:

Mothering is not just a role … it is a gift. And it is one that can be expressed by anyone, regardless of family bonds or gender.

Wait, What’re You Getting At..?

If the act of mothering is not only restricted to our female primary caregiver as a child, then why are we limiting ourselves in choosing who to celebrate? We have all this love and gratitude to give out to the world and these restrictive beliefs are only bringing (some of us) sadness.

I have good news for you too, we ALL have someone to celebrate on this day. From the day we stepped out into this harsh world alone we have been caring for ourselves. Celebrate the fact that, no matter what life threw at you, you made it to this point alive. You did good!

If you’re ready to inject some joy and celebration back into your day, I prepared a complementary, mini-playbook to help you through this process. You can head on over and sign up for it here, it’s free!

Alternatives for Mother’s Day

The Who…

Firstly, we will need decide who we’ll be celebrating. We know that we have ourselves, but is there anyone else in your life? Someone who has spent a great deal of time looking after, caring for and spreading unconditional love to others?

This can be anyone, any gender. We could be talking about the teachers, the scout leaders, the friends who have no bad words for anyone. Take a look at Page 1 of the Playbook for a few more ideas to get you started.

The What…

Next up, have a think about what you can do to show gratitude for this person/these people?

Still on Page 1, jot down some ways you might like to celebrate this person. Remember, this doesn’t have to be extravagant. Most of them won’t even know this is coming so something as simple as home baked biscuits, flowers or a thank you card may suffice. If you’re unsure what to say on the day, check out the tags I designed at the back of your playbook. 🙂

The You…

Even if you are celebrating someone else this Mother’s Day, please make time just for yourself! It’s time to say thank you for weathering the storm. Thank you for being your best advocate, even when times got tough.

On Page 2 of your Playbook, you’ll find some ideas for self-care activities you can try out. Have a look, circle the ones you fancy and jot down any others that come to mind.

Of course, there’s more than one type of self-care so for a truly effective self(care)-date, ponder over Page 3 to check that no area of your being goes without some TLC this weekend.

Finally, use Page 4 of your Playbook to plan out the most nurturing self-date ever. You are strong and you deserve this.

In closing…

I have only one more thing to say. If you are one of those people who has found Mother’s Day difficult to bear, I want to thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping on, keeping on. The world is a better place for your light shining upon it. <3

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Later, Victoria

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